Do I need a Full Vehicle Wrap or Vehicle Graphics?

Whether you are looking to upgrade the current look of your company vehicles or are in the midst of a total rebrand, graphics and full colour wraps are the solutions you need. This non-aggressive form of simple advertising can boost your business to a wider audience with little effort while adding an additional layer of protection to the vehicle from road debris, dints, and scratches. 

A full colour wrap will no doubt make your advertisement pop, and here at John Eley Signs, we only use ECO solvent printers, allowing a high-quality print without any nasty odors. Vehicle graphics are a great choice if you just need to add additional details to any current designs or changes, such as updated contact details; they can also have a cleaner appearance for a less in-your-face approach.

We also offer partial wrapping as a more cost-effective option, vinyl cut lettering or logos, chevron detailing (which is perfect for being seen in the dark). We also offer one-way vision vinyl, and vehicle magnetics that can easily be removed should you wish to use the vehicle for personal use on a regular basis. For more information on any of these alternative services, please take a look at the vehicle graphics page on our website. 

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What is a Full Vehicle Wrap? 

A full vehicle wrap is a fun way to add a bright, bold design to your vehicle that is guaranteed to make you stand out. This clever advertising method works well on all makes and models so long as the vehicle is in good, clean condition; any damage or rusting to the vehicle will impact the design’s finished look, and it may also reduce the wrap’s longevity. 

When undertaking a full wrap, you can not only decide on the final colour and design but also the material used (pearlescent or matt). A full vehicle wrap is one of the more expensive choices when adding any design to a vehicle; however, it is one of the most striking options. The wrap can be professionally removed at any time, with no damage caused to the original paintwork.

What is a Vehicle Graphic?

Vehicle graphics can be just as much fun as a full wrap while being more affordable and easier to change if required in the future. Graphics can be added to most areas of the vehicle and can be printed to the size of your liking. Similarly to a full vehicle wrap, where you choose to have the graphic placed must be clean and rust-free.

If you are still undecided on which option best suits your needs, and for more information on all of our products and services here at John Eley Signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. Call us on 01733 341 556 or drop us an email at